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Monday, 13 April 2020

How will China do when the corona is removed from the world? If this country has done Shriganesha

At present, the Corona virus has caused a worldwide outcry. The big countries of the world have also collapsed today. The economies of the countries whose economies were very good have collapsed today. Today, the whole world is facing a terrible recession. The reason behind all this is China. When this corona virus is eradicated, China will have to answer many questions to the world.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on the WHO (World Health Organization) and the United Nations to take action against the ongoing VAT market in China. As well as telling Scott Morrison that the wet market is a real problem, this is where the Corona virus originated.
Morrison said the Corona virus has spread from China because of the wet market. The Wet Market is the place where the Corona virus was present. This is a major challenge for the world. The World Health Organization and other international organizations pay little attention to it.
The Wet Market in Wuhan, China, is a market where masses of beasts such as pythons, crabs, cats, mice, cheetahs, bats, pangolin, foxes, wild cats, crocodiles are sold. Corona virus is believed to spread from this market.
It is from this Chinese VAT market that the virus was spread in the year 2002. The SARS infected 8,000 people in 2 countries. This virus was the first version of the corona virus. The market was closed for a while in China. But within a few days, it was once again raging.
In the VAT market, animals are cut openly. The blood, feces, pass, spit in these beasts are all mixed together in water. It produces viruses. In this market, people also come to buy. So that the virus easily enters the human body.
In 1988, the Chinese government introduced the Wild Line Protection Act and made the cultivation of animals legally safe. After that, the VAT market in the village of China started to explode.
According to a Reuters report, China wants to increase wildlife trade through the Belt and Road. However, it has been stopped recently after the outbreak of the corona virus. The fact that the corona virus has spread throughout the world, however, originates from China itself. In view of this, the Australian Prime Minister has called for the WHO and the United Nations to take action against China.

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